“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

– Jacques Yves Cousteau



Once you have completed your confined water sessions and theory you are ready to complete your  Open Water dives. All our dive courses require a range of different Open Water environments to suit the needs of your programme and the conditions you would like to dive in. We find that everyone demands different services of diving from the Academy. For example, most divers will look to complete on our worldwide expeditions, some on our UK short breaks or alternatively they require the Academy to refer the diver to a reputable dive centre for their next family/friends holiday. The Academy’s intention is to get divers diving whatever the next stage of your underwater journey might be.

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At the Academy we have worked hard to build lasting relationships with some of the world’s most unique dive locations and best facilitators. Our goal is to offer unique once in a lifetime, aquatic experiences that can be shared with family, friends, classmates and colleagues. Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy is proud to offer its members wonderfully unique marine interactions and the meeting of fantastic people at stunningly preserved, cultural locations across the planet. Learn to dive at home before seeing the world in an entirely new way underwater.

Destinations in Depth

Before joining us on one of our bespoke expeditions or planning your next dive holiday, we feel it is important for Academy members to get a geographical snapshot, cultural feel and overview about what is unique about our select locations. The Blueprint is a great way to help plan your next adventure, once you have examined the ones you like, explore the rest of the website for articles, e-brochures and Academy expedition updates to learn more about what’s in store for you.

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Exclusive to members of the Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy, My Classroom is your educational hub for all your course information. Divers are able to access all the materials for their programmes including progression on current complete or incomplete chapters. You also have access to your knowledge reviews, quizzes and exam assessments as well as dive briefs for your next practical training session. Divers who complete their e-learning course can also download personalised-printable Academy E-Certifications as proof of experience and certification.

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You can attain dive points and awards when completing quizzes, exams, topics and chapters on your respective courses. You will also receive points when you contribute to the website’s comments and forum sections. Diver can use these points to receive special offers on future courses and packages. The Academy member with the most points on January the 1st each year also receives a special gift from the Academy.

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Another exclusive feature to the Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy is the ability for our divers to access their dive certification information securely online at anytime. Scenarios of why Diver’s Data is useful:

                • Should you misplace your dive card before your holiday and will need it for verification at a new resort or dive centre
                • You have returned to scuba dive after many years and not have access to your details for sometime
                • Maybe you are interested to check how much of a particular course you have left to complete
                • You require information about previous courses as a pre-requisite for the Divemaster programme
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  • Seriously, if used correctly, there are no drawbacks
  • Okay lets take a look – If left to their own devices learners with low motivation or study habits may fall behind, be confused about activities and deadlines or feel isolated from instructors or classmates. To avoid these pitfalls, we assess and develop the diver’s knowledge at practical dive session, whilst monitoring their online course progression. We insist that all Academy members taking e-learning with us must  also complete their confined water dive skills with the Academy instructors. We do this to make sure that divers gain confidence and meet their objectives with early success.
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To assist those divers on Course Package Plans.

A variety of bespoke and tailored courses

The courses available to Academy members range from the traditional PADI dive courses from Open Water to the Professional Divemaster Standard as well as bespoke courses founded by some of the most inspiring and groundbreaking instructors around the world. Academy members have the opportunity to complete BioRock, Thresher Shark, Whaleshark, Cavern PADI Specialities, technical courses and Apnea free diving qualifications here at the Academy and with our associates at our worldwide locations around the world.

Course Package Programmes

[space height=5]Our goal is to get divers diving. For those who are committed to completing multiple courses in order to become high level divers we offer a variety of course payment plans to help them finance their dive programmes. The Academy offers these opportunities to those who are committed and driven to achieving their dive objectives.

To locate dive courses and training programmes that support our e-learning facility look for the Sunken Dreams e-learning badge on the course advert. All courses available are advertised in the Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy E-shop. If you are uncertain as to whether a particular course has e-learning support then feel free to contact us directly.

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