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A unique concept, but the world of indoor diving has arrived! Europe has now opened its aquatic, architectural masterpieces to scuba divers. Blessed with four unique environments in Belgium and Germany divers can now develop their dive skills year round whilst soaking up the culture of two of Europe’s most spectacular cities. 

And if ever a city could claim split personality, it’s Brussels. French versus Flemish, historic versus hip, bizarre versus boring. Full of contrasts, contradictions and intrigue, in an age where so much is already discovered, Belgium’s capital seduces as one of Western Europe’s unknowns.

Cologne is a gothic masterpiece offering seemingly endless attractions, led by its famous cathedral whose filigree twin spires dominate the skyline.

Mission Statement

A short expedition for divers to enjoy a range of safe, new and technological diving environments. Divers dive in unique aquatic architectures and immerse themselves in two of Europe’s most beautiful and culturally significant cities of Brussels & Cologne.

You may wonder, ‘why bother diving in pools when there’s an entire ocean to explore?’ In fact, there are lots of reasons these venues are worth keeping in mind. Diving pools are:

  • Ideal for learning and practising skills
  • A safer environment to overcome fears
  • Useful for trying out new kit
  • Great for enjoying pool diving games
  • Warm and calm when the weather isn’t
  • Often more local for landlocked divers
  • Something different!

While there are millions of swimming pools around the world, only a handful are purpose-built diving pools. These submerged playgrounds are filled with all sorts of attractions, from caves to wrecks, and cater for beginners to professional, technical, and freedivers. What deep pools lack in marine life and history, they certainly make up for with high-tech features, comfortable conditions, and convenience.

The diving in Mexico is rich and diverse – from dramatic pinnacles surrounded by large pelagics in the Revillagigedos to gentle drifts dives over the coral gardens of Cozumel; from cage diving with great white sharks to exploring mysterious and beautiful freshwater caves hidden in dense jungle.
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