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Japan is known for samurais and sushi, but not for scuba diving. It’s often overlooked in favor of more popular dive destinations in the Coral Triangle But if you take the opportunity to explore Japan’s waters and you’ll be surprised. With a bit of research and patience, ice diving, tropical diving and a huge range of marine life are all within easy reach for visitors to Japan. The diving here is spread out over Japan’s territory, so getting to all destinations in one trip is not a realistic option. But if you are intrigued by this overlooked archipelago,  Japan might introduce you to a lot of unique dive experiences.

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Because Japan is an archipelagic country with islands covering over 1800 miles (3,000km), there is a huge difference in water temperature between north and south. Divers in Japan enjoy an array of sites offering a combination of drift diving, wreck diving and shore dives in a flourishing underwater world.

Northern Japan (Hokkaido) tends to be cool or cold. Southern Japan (Kyushu and Okinawa) consists of hundreds of islands and islets in the very deep south of the Japanese archipelago. It’s warm year-round with temperatures around 68°F (20°C) in winter and 88°F (31°C) during the summer, making it ideal for crystal clear waters, white sand, and colorful fish.

Japan is also volcanic with a fascinating underwater topography such as steep vertical walls and interesting rock formations. A lot of the islands in southern Japan and south of the capital Tokyo were formed from volcanic eruptions, and as dive guides will explain, this is plain to see when you go diving.

From ice floes to coral reefs – with a diversity of marine life, big and small, that will surprise and delight divers of all skill levels. Brimming with unique history, Japan offers world-renowned mountains to trek, massive modern cities to explore, and endless ocean adventures to dive into.
- Diving Japan

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