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Exploration, Excitement, Experiences. They’re what the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about. The Advanced Open Water Diver course helps you increase your confidence and build your scuba skills so you can become more comfortable in the water. The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver is a great way to get more dives under your belt and expand your knowledge of the underwater environment in a variety of ways in a variety of dive conditions.


Mission Statement:

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is all about building your skills to expand your experiences. You don’t have to be “advanced” to take it – it’s designed to advance your diving, so you can start right after earning your PADI Open Water Diver certification. The course helps build confidence and expand your scuba skills through different Adventure Dives. You try out different specialties while gaining experience under the supervision of your Instructor. You log dives and develop capabilities as you find new ways to have fun scuba diving.

Divers hone theirs skills by completing five adventure dives in underwater navigation, deeper water diving (typically anywhere from 18-30 metres) and 3 more Adventure Dives of choice. Each Adventure Dive in the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course may credit toward the first dive of the corresponding PADI Specialty Diver Courses. Building on what you’ve learned and introducing you to new activities, you will keen returning to have new ways to have fun scuba diving.

There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away. – Sarah Kay

Course Programme Highlights:

During your course programme, Academy divers will complete the following:

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course Outline:

To complete your Advanced Open Water Diver Course (AOW) you will hone your skills by completing five adventure dives as well as developing skills and knowledge in a variety of ancillary modules. You’ll plan your learning path with your instructor by choosing from a long list of Adventure Dives. There are two required dives – Deep and Underwater Navigation – and you choose the other three, for a total of five dives.

Advanced Core Dives (2 dives you must complete):

  • Underwater Navigation
  • Deep Dive

During the Deep Adventure Dive, you learn how to plan dives to deal with the physiological effects and challenges of deeper scuba diving. The Underwater Navigation Adventure Dive refines your compass navigation skills and helps you better navigate using kick-cycles, visual landmarks and time.

Advanced Elective Dives (3 dives you can choose from):

  • Photography
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Underwater Naturalist
  • Fish Identification
  • Night Diving
  • Wreck Diving
  • Videography
  • Fish Identification
  • Search & Recovery
  • Computer

The other knowledge and skills you get vary with your interest and the adventures you have – photography, buoyancy control, fish identification, exploring wrecks and many more.

Academy Divers have exclusive access to our My Classroom e-Learning facilities alongside PADI Materials access to combine with their dive skills in both confined and open water environments.

What's Included

  • All relative PADI course materials
  • Sunken Dreams My Classroom e-Learning Media
  • Scuba Diving related training aids
  • Scuba Diving Equipment suitable for the the Programme
  • Professional Dive Instructor & Tuition
  • Liability Forms, Relative Paper Work
  • Academy Membership Update
  • Examinations
  • PADI PIC Card certification (only for ‘full’ programmes or where stated)
  • Completed paperwork and pre-dive administration
  • Sunken Dreams Member(s) of Staff Account Manager
  • Full PADI Diver Certifications

What's Not Included

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