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What is a Dive Against Debris diver? A Dive Against Debris Diver takes direct ‘fins on’ action for the ocean, collecting critical survey data from any or every dive that can be used by marine researchers and policymakers for conservation efforts. No one is better suited to tackle marine debris than PADI Divers.

Any certified diver can take the Dive Against Debris Speciality course and help tackle marine debris issues head on. Join the world’s largest underwater citizen science movement on the planet. Through this course you’ll be able to participate in regular Dive Against Debris surveys and become part of the solution.

Mission Statement

Help keep your favorite dive site and local marine environment free of debris and contribute to the largest global underwater database in the world. To reduce marine debris by 50% in targeted countries by 2030, we need everyone working together at local, national and international levels. See PADI AWARE’s Marine Debris page for more information.

The primary goals of this Dive Against Debris course are to leverage marine debris surveys you and your fellow divers submit for the purposes of debris management and control, and to directly address the problem by removing debris. These actions contribute to critical scientific research that advances the PADI Blueprint for Ocean Action.



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"The real cure for our environmental problems is to understand that our job is to salvage Mother Nature. We are facing a formidable enemy in this field. It is the hunters... and to convince them to leave their guns on the wall is going to be very difficult."
- Jacques Yves Cousteau

Make a difference on every dive by activating your inner citizen scientist. During the Dive Against Debris® Diver Specialty course, you’ll learn how ocean plastic and trash cleanups not only keep your local dive sites healthier, but also how to contribute to a global database that documents our planet’s marine debris problem. Under the guidance of your instructor, you’ll participate in a Dive Against Debris survey and turn your passion for the underwater world into real action.

Join the PADI Torchbearertm movement of divers protecting our ocean planet and making every dive count.

Courses Included

PADI AWARE / SSI Diving vs Debris

Age Requirements

Min Dive Experience

Dive Equipment


Course Type

Theory and 2 Dives, Theory Only

Quick Tip


If you have not been diving for a while, refresh your memory with the e-learning knowledge development. P.T.O.

Quick Tip 2


Specialty Course Certifications also count as one of five Specialties required for the Master Scuba Diver Rating.

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