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An exciting alternative to a standard SCUBA regulator and mask is an Integrated Dive Mask! (IDM). Using an FFM is easy, a lot of fun and offers some great advantages to a standard Scuba regulator and mask, such as keeping saltwater out of your eyes and mouth, keeping your entire face warm during those cold dives in the spring or below the thermocline. There is no jaw fatigue, fogging or water against your face.

You can add a communications unit so that you can talk to each other during the dive. IDM Diving will likely change the underwater diving technique radically in upcoming years and a must for aspiring marine biologists, engineers, photographers and conservationists working on a range of intricate projects in underwater environments.

Mission Statement

Ocean Reef have built PADI/SSI distinctive training programmes to dive using integrated dive masks and tools for underwater communications to give a whole new experience to your scuba time. The Integrated Dive Mask Specialty Course is designed to familiarise divers with the theory, skills, knowledge, procedures, hazards, benefits and enjoyment of diving with a full face mask and underwater communication systems. The goals of the course are to develop the student’s knowledge and dive skills of using ocean reef IDM and “bailouts” (alternate air supplies) available and how to conduct, prepare and maintain underwater communication units to take your scuba diving experiences to a new level.

OCEAN REEF not only incorporates the regulator into the mask in order to balance all that a diver needs; such as weight, buoyancy lift, visual field, breathing effort in various positions and under differing conditions, profiles, and bubbles, but  incorporate everything that can be useful, increase safety, and make dives more enjoyable using full face masks.

This led to the creation of a series of integrated solutions, such as the frame for using corrective lenses inside the mask, the surface air valve that is built into the mask profile, lights installed in the upper part of the visor and controlled by a switch/battery compartment that is efficiently con- nected to the SAV, tank pressure and depth displays applied to the sides of the visor, and naturally, various types of communications units. There are even solutions for drinking underwater as well as other elements that “integrate” into the architecture of the mask.

New SCUBA exploration are now made possible with a latest-genereation full face mask details, history, technique.
- Sergio Gamberini
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PADI/SSI Ocean Reef Full Face Mask & Underwater Communications Specialty, PADI/SSI Ocean Reef Full Face Mask Specialty, PADI/SSI Ocean Reef Underwater Communications Specialty

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