The Blueprint & Diver Handbooks

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The Blueprint is the Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy’s executable plan for safely experiencing the most memorable scuba diving activities for passionate Sunken Dreams ocean adventurers. 

Designed to provide an accessible overview to wondrous ocean experiences for adult dive groups and unique marine conservation opportunities for younger divers and biologists; The Blueprint showcases the Academy’s specialist worldwide expeditions above and below the waterline for its members.

The Blueprint is an interactive PDF brochure with hyperlinks to external media content found at the Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy Website including videos, photo galleries, events calendar and team rosters.

For those taking their next steps into the ocean or for those returning to achieve new goals on their next expedition, there is exciting diving and travel opportunities for all levels.

Download The Blueprint for more information!  

– Academy Director


Before reading through The Blueprint Worldwide Expedition Brochure, we recommend divers sign into the Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy using their My Classroom e-Profile in order to make the best use of access to the hyperlinks to the website found in this e-brochure.

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The Blueprint is a concise guide comprising of the Academy’s best, upcoming diving opportunities. The guide focuses on providing key information regarding forthcoming group expedition opportunities for members of the Academy. Divers can find out what’s included in expedition prices, what unique marine experience the location offers, where and when expedition are due to take place as well as how to access further information using the links provided.

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Once divers have found particular expeditions to explore. Divers can contact the Academy to ask further questions, place reservations or request a Sunken Dreams Expedition Handbook. Divers should note that prices published in The Blueprint are subject to change according to the time when the booking is placed and how the diver would like to personalize their dream experience.

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Sunken Dreams Handbooks are detailed guides on each Expedition opportunity. Divers can access information on the location; culture, history, dive sites, marine life, our associate centre, accommodation, further activities, itinerary, what’s included, general destination information, expedition kit recommendations, insurance recommendations, optional courses and booking information.

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Once a diver or dive group is ready to commit to their Sunken Dreams World Expedition they can place a reservation with the Academy. Personal documentation and payment details the Academy requires are discussed with each client and their family in confidence. Divers can also contribute and receive expedition updates via their e-Profile My Classroom and Team Roster on-line.

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