Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy provides exclusive dive-stay packages and environmental education for groups and individuals wishing to enjoy all forms of recreational scuba diving and marine conservation programmes in the U.K. and at stunning, ecologically preserved locations around the world.

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The Academy offers complete beginners to experienced divers the opportunity to scuba dive, continue their underwater adventures or even become fully certified dive professionals worldwide.

Below the water our intention is to provide our members with unique lifetime experiences to discover dramatic and captivating underwater worlds of colourful reefs, abundant marine life and breathtaking wrecks at our select locations.

Above the water our members can immerse themselves in a variety of bracing adventures and rich cultural experiences in idyllic environments. From our point of view, our objective is to develop students’ aquatic experiences so they have a better understanding of the global importance of our oceans.

Sunken Dreams’ associate dive schools and societies have been chosen on their merits of professionalism and individuality. It is with great pride that the Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy works with these organisations to encourage members to understand the importance of the marine world.

To explore our dive expedition destinations further visit our interactive Destinations Map or go to Locations in Depth