“Humans are the only creatures with the ability to dive deep in the sea,

fly high in the sky,

send instant messages around the globe,

reflect on the past,

assess the present and imagine the future.”

– Sylvia Earle



Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy offers bespoke scuba diving training and tailored, scuba diving and marine conservation expeditions to select destinations. Sunken Dreams also offers Academy members to stay in touch with dive buddies at these experiences. We aim to develop divers’ understanding of the marine world and help them stay up to speed with the latest advancements in ocean conservation.

The most notable aspects of the Academy include:

  • Personal scuba dive tution with online theoretical development
  • Bespoke worldwide group expeditions tailored to group requirements
  • Exclusive marine life experiences, unique specialties and conservation opportunities
  • Continuous online oceanology e-learning development
  • Accessibility to dive qualifications, photo and video galleries
  • Bespoke Academy memberships schemes
  • Exclusive apparel acquisition for Academy members

The Academy continual aim is to share the fantastic qualities found in the mixed sport-scientific culture of scuba diving. Through us you can find out more about the aquatic world, communities that support ocean life and be directly involved in experiencing what makes underwater ecosystems so exciting and precious. To discover more, dive in regularly at sunkendreams.com

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The Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy was founded in 2006, when the Academy’s Team decided to make their passion their work after having the privilege of scuba diving in Central America, Europe, Africa, the Pacific, North America and South East Asia. Inspired by the underwater world and the people making a difference to preserve it, the Academy was established to create an opportunity for new divers to discover wondrous environments and share in new experiences & cultures with friends and family. First hand, the Academy has seen varieties of individuals come together as alumni collectives to build artificial reefs, expose current marine life issue, support and inspire local reef dependant communities to protect their resources. As the future unfolds and the world evolves, the mission remains the same: to dive the world and make a difference.

Sunken Dreams

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