Blue Membership

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Suited for the diver whom wants an introductory range of scuba diving benefits for the year, Blue Members can enjoy membership benefits including personal discounts on courses, expeditions, basic equipment hire, apparel and memorabilia. Refresh your dive skills each year and have your profile details updated upon request with the Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy Blue Membership.

Academy Blue Membership:

The Academy Blue Membership is an exclusive opportunity for divers to stay current with their qualification status and receive a number of benefits at the Academy.

According to each Academy Membership Level, divers can benefit from:

Online membership renewalsDiver Portfolio including the latest Bite-Back Calendar, Academy updates and other posters and marine conservation gifts.


Access to exclusive Sunken Dreams Expedition Handbooks and the Sunken Dreams Blueprint along with prioritised Expedition reservations.


Complimentary places and discounts on PADI/SSI Main Courses, Specialties, Scuba Review classes and Discover Scuba Experiences

Dive Gear

A variety of free Basic Scuba Equipment Rental Packages for day trips and extended Expeditions and discounts on rental for Specialist Dive Gear including Action Cameras, Dive Computers, Surface Marker Buoys and Torches.

Apparel and Clothing

Discounts on purchases for Sunken Dreams’ Ocean Aquasition Apparel, Clothing, Jewellery and Accessories

Dive Equipment & Insurance

Personalised DAN Diver & Travel Insurance programmes

Receiving Equipment Servicing on regulators and buoyancy control devices

Diver Memorabilia

Discounts on Photography Memorabilia and Personalised Diver Media hosted at the Sunken Dreams Productions e-Shop

For more information on all our Academy Membership Programmes click here.

Blue Membership Benefits:

Please look through the list below to see what complimentary benefits and discounts are included in the Blue Membership Tier. You can also compare each membership tier via the table below.

All memberships are activated for 1 calendar year from the date of purchase. Members can access their Membership details via their My Classroom e-Profile.

Academy Membership Benefits and Options

wdt_ID Academy Membership Benefits Value Further Info Blue Silver Gold Platinum Family 4 PAX


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