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As part of Sunken Dreams Productions, the Academy offers mermaid clients to star in an underwater portraiture shoot. This is a unique type of session where you or your group submerge underwater to take artistic and unique mermaid portraits. We treat the photos in post production and create a private online digital album of your shoot with optional graphic designs for poster/print alternatives.

We also offer Mermaid Music Video for mermaids to choreograph a portfolio of acrobatic, alluring actions to your mermaid song. Alternatively we offer Mermaid Short Stories, where we will create a mermaid short video for you to create an engaging story. For those looking for a more professional shoot we provide commercial portfolios specific to your requirements.


Mission Statement:

Underwater portraits allow such creative freedom that the possibilities are boundless! You do need to know how to swim so that you are comfortable underwater and if possible open your eyes underwater, but you do not need to be able hold your breath for a long time.

We guide you through everything during the shoot schedule. We shoot in shallow pools for those more comfortable there and in deeper confined water environments for those ready to free dive deeper.

How does shooting underwater work?

Yes! It’s really underwater. We shoot in pools and confined water environments specific to the requirements of each model. We have a specialised housings for professional cameras that allow full access to the controls to shoot underwater. Whilst clients breath hold and go through each pose sequence several times with a support diver, our main cameraman works on scuba equipment with underwater to surface communications in organise the shooting schedule.

Why are underwater portraiture shoots more expensive than land based portraiture?

Underwater photography is a one of a kind, unique art that takes much more time, experience and gear than a normal session. There are very few photographers in the world who do underwater portrait photography. There much more time, specialized skills, lighting & gear involved. With each underwater session, we run the risk of flooding camera units and exposure to weathering. These aforementioned conditions mean we have to pay higher insurance costs not only for gear but for liability insurance as well.

In addition to this we also provide lifeguarding and professional care for the models during the shoot as well as props, backdrops and specialised lighting.

Do I have to have a pool for these sessions?

We have access to several pools, so if you don’t have your own pool, we will find one suitable for the shoot. Depending on the time of year and the facility, there may be an additional rental fee from the set rate.

Do Sunken Dreams provide Mermaid Specific Expeditions?

Sunken Dreams Scuba Diving Academy also offers unique Mermaid Marine Conservation Expeditions throughout the year to Belgium and Germany to dive in a range of deeper, tropical, indoor dive environments with the TODI Mermaids and learn more about the importance of marine conservation.

Does Sunken Dreams Photographers travel for photo sessions?

Yes, our Sunken Dreams Productions core photography team can travel worldwide for a range of underwater photography and videography requirements.

What if I am looking for a very specific underwater portraiture shoot?

Please feel free to contact us at: should you have any specific shoot requirements for a bespoke or commercial requirement.

What's Included

  • Facility Hire for Underwater Shoot
  • Underwater Peak Performance Free Diving Techniques
  • Choreography Tuition for in water Mermaid Movement
  • Professional Underwater Photographer and Support Crew
  • Underwater Set Design
  • Underwater Communications Unit Photographer to Director
  • Underwater Lighting
  • Underwater Camera & Scuba Rigging
  • Story Boarding
  • Water Resistant Make Up for Models
  • Optional Mermaid Props
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Completed paperwork and pre-dive administration
  • Personal Dive Instructor & Dive Equipment
  • Pool side Lifeguarding
  • Sunken Dreams Member(s) of Staff

What's Not Included

For more information pleases see our Answers to Your Questions section.

Optional Extras

Expedition Mermaid Marine Conservation: Belgium & Germany

Click on the Calendar Event below for more information

Upcoming Mermaid Expeditions Latest

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Mermaid Shoot Type

Personal Mermaid Photography Stills, Private Personal Mermaid Photography Stills, Personal Mermaid Graphic Design, Personal-Mermaid Short Story, Personal Music Video Performance, Commercial Music Video Performance or Short Story

Age Requirements

Min Dive Experience

Dive Equipment

Insurance Documentation

Min/Max Group Size

Optional Courses




Expedition Month(s)

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Vaccination Recommendations (Please consult your doctor 4-6 weeks of your intended travel destination in advance of an Expedition)

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