SDSDA Maori Marine Life Series Humpback Whale Flip-Flops
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SDSDA Maori Marine Life Series Humpback Whale Flip-Flops



Inspired by whale encounters on Expedition Azores, French Polynesia, Mexico, South Africa and Dominica; Sunken Dreams Grey Seal flip-flop is our most classic model, based on SDSDA Maori Marine Life© flip-flop. With its soft rubber upper and non-slip sole, these flip-flops will keep you comfortable all day long. They are also available in a wide variety of maori patterns, marine life species, colours from pastel to neutral tones and brighter colours so you can find the perfect pair for you.

They are ideal for use at the beach, in the pool, on the boat  or any casual occasion. Cool on the outside and responsible on the inside, that’s how we like it. With SDSDA Maori Marine Life© flip-flops, you will have a comfortable and stylish flip-flop that will adapt to any outfit. Get them today and feel the difference in every step!

SDSDA Maori Marine Life Series Humpback Whale Flip-Flops

Mission Statement

Get ready for expedition adventures or poolside training with our vibrant, ocean-inspired flip-flops – from the Sunken Dreams Marine Maori Series!

These colourful companions are perfect for any sandy shore or city exploration. With a rubber sole lined with soft, customisable polyester fabric, your feet will feel like they’re riding a gentle wave all day long.

• Sturdy rubber sole to keep you anchored
• Customisable, comfy 100% polyester fabric lining for a personal touch
• Sleek black Y-shaped rubber straps to secure your every step
• Unisex Design
• Stylish toe post style for that beach-ready look

Step into marine life in style and  comfort with these must-have flip-flops and let your carefree spirit lead the way!

Sturdy Rubber Sole
Y-Shaped Rubber Straps
Polyester Fabric Lining


Sizes – S, M, L

Small (S) Size = UK 4-6 / EU 37-38.5 / US Men 6-7 / US Women 6-7.5

Medium (M) Size = UK 6.5-8 / EU 39-41 / US Men 7.5-9 / US Women 8-10

Large (L) Size = UK 8.5-10 / EU 42-45 / US Men 10-11.5 / US Women 10.5-11


100% polyester fabric lining, rubber sole

A stretchy, slip-resistant material

Flip flop-like rubber post between the big toe and the rest to connect the upper part of the shoe to the sole.

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Accessorize Further

Dive into style with a splash at our ocean-inspired shop! Discover a treasure trove of marine-enriched clothing and accessories, each piece designed to celebrate the beauty and mystery of the oceans. From vibrant coral patterns to sleek shark motifs synonymous with our courses and expeditions, our eco-conscious collection not only looks good but also strives to promote marine conservation efforts with every purchase.
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Sunken Dreams Series

Associated Course

Learn more with the Marine Mammal Ecology program introduces you to the wonders of these amazing creatures. Dive into the world of whales, dolphins, and seals to explore this amazingly diverse group of marine animals. Learn how to support Marine Sanctuary efforts to protect our marine mammals.
- Marine Mammal Specialty
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If you have not been diving for a while, refresh your memory with the e-learning knowledge development. P.T.O.

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Specialty Course Certifications also count as one of five Specialties required for the Master Scuba Diver Rating.

SDSDA Maori Marine Life Series Humpback Whale Flip-Flops

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